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What's it all about?

The confused ramblings of a seventeen year old

Formerly known as nerdypickle21. I decided it was about time to get a new LJ, as it's tough to be taken seriously with a name you chose when you were eleven. ;D

What is there to say about me? I don't know! I am a seventeen year old female science geek, so I guess I'm kind of rare. I like to consider myself pretty dynamic. I try to keep both hemispheres of my brain very active; my strongest passions tend to lie on the science/mathematics side of life, but I am also an enthusiast of arts of all kinds. I draw a lot, despite being pretty horrible at it. I have a bizarre sense of humor. I like to write satires and make geek jokes. I have a webcomic called InsomniaComics, which is linked above.

I like just about every science, but especially astronomy and physics. I want to be a rocket scientist someday!
no for real :[